Our Mission

"Our mission is to bridge the gap between business and technology"

There is an undeniable trend in the tech world... innovation is not slowing down. The growth of technology is happening exponentially, but the ability for the average consumer to "keep up" has not changed (there is only 24hrs in a day after all). This is creating a gap between the average consumer and technology. For many small to mid sized companies, this gap is becoming more and more problematic. The ability to stay competitive, stay relevant, and simply stay in business is getting more difficult. Luckily, tech adoption has never been easier and more affordable. The backbone of Quantiscan and why it was founded was to address this issue head on.

Who We Are
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Jordan Rising
Founder • Entrepreneur
Quantiscan was founded in 2021 by Jordan Rising. Before Quantiscan, Jordan co-founded a remote sensing consultancy called Flight Evolved. Flight Evolved provided LiDAR services for organizations such as MLB, the US Forest Service, and large electric utilities before its acquisition in 2020. The passsion for software and small business were the catalyst for the creation of Quantiscan. We learned how a small business can adopt tech successfully.
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Julius Gelsvartas
PhD • Robotics
Julius graduated from Kaunas University of Technology with a PhD in Informatics Engineering and has been credited in multiple publications and papers since that time. Julius has been working in the field of Ai and robotics for over 10 years and has been involved in projects ranging from the design and development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) to the development of a laser based player tracker system for Major League Baseball.
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Arnas Ivanavicius
Computer Vision • Ai/ML
Arnas graduated from Kaunas University of Technology with a degree in Automation and Control. Arnas has an extensive background in the fields of computer vision, Ai/ML, and robotics. His recent work included the development of an autonomous navigation system (path planning and localization) on the ROS platform. This system utilized machine learning, stereo matching, and 2D/3D sensor fusion for the data processing of medical modalities.
Where We Are
Quantiscan was founded in Kalipsell, Montana. Kalispell may be known for its beautiful scenery (Glacier National Park) and outdoor recreation, but that pales in comparison to what Quantiscan is doing. Just kidding... nothing beats the Montana outdoors and Glacier National Park ;) Although we are founded in Montana, we work remotely all over the world with a geographically diverse team.
Who We Work With
We specialize in working with small to mid sized businesses. Our development approach is to work with you to understand your technology strategy, goals, and what gaps might need to be filled. Software development should either SAVE money or MAKE money. Whether that is saving on labor hours or growing sales, technology needs to be implemented in a way that is seamless for your business.
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